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Welcome to the Kiwanis Business Directory,
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Since the earliest days of Kiwanis, Kiwanians have always enjoyed doing business with other Kiwanians, with whom they share the same ethics and values.  The trouble is, in the fast paced world that is the 21st Century, sometime we are hard to find!


This online directory is meant as a.) a place to list your Kiwanian-owned, operated, or affiliated business or organization, and b.) as a place for fellow Kiwanians to go for trusted business connections.





1.) Any businesses/organizations added must either be OWNED by a Kiwanian, OPERATED by a Kiwanian, or AFFILIATED with a  Kiwanian (an example would be a business owned or operated by a spouse or partner of a Kiwanian or a non-Kiwanian business who also advertises in the Builder or helps to Sponsor the PNW Kiwanis District Convention).  Kiwanians may also list  their employer if they fill a sales, promotion or marketing function.  Examples would be a Personal Banker, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, Travel Agent, etc.  In such cases, the Kiwanian submitting the business directory listing must be listed prominently in the Business Directory Listing – using their own name, photo and contact information.


2.) What type of businesses are appropriate?  Really most everything, really.  Individuals with out a business affiliation may also use us to help rent out that timeshare in Hawaii or Beach Vacation Rental!


3.) At this time, only businesses owned, operated, or affiliated with Pacific Northwest Kiwanians will be included.   However, we hope to expand this to Kiwanians from other districts in the near future.


4.) All listings will be reviewed for content. We reserve the right to deny any listings that are not in line with our standards.


5.) In the main description please be sure to include the names of any Kiwanians associated with the business as well as the name of the club(s) in which they have a membership. Include any Kiwanis titles if they have any (ie. President , Secretary, Past Lt. Governor, etc).


We will be conducting periodic audits on the listings. Any and all spam, non-compliant, or malicious listings will be promptly removed and the posted will be banned from posting on this site in the future. If there are any questions relating to if your business or organization, please contact us prior to submission.



How to Add Your Business


Adding your business or organization is simple! Just make sure it follows the rules (above), and follow these directions:


1.) To submit your information you must either log in to your account, or create a new account if you haven’t already (this will be used for you to add and edit your listings in the future). Sign in with your password.


2.) Click the ‘Add Listing’ button.


3.) Fill in all of the fields, selecting the most appropriate category for your submission (if none of the categories applies to your business please contact us and we will consider creating a new category).


4.) Confirm the info on the next page, and upload any picture you would like to represent you business with (photo, logo, website screen capture, etc.–optional).


5.) Consider adding a Kiwanis Virtual Deal or Coupon.  Example – “10% Discount to Kiwanians.”  Be sure to add an expiration date and coupon code of your own making.


5.) Your listing will be entered into the queue and we will approve it after verification is complete (usually within 48 hours).


Save your log in information, as you may log-in to the web site at some point in the future to add a separate listing, or to edit or delete any existing listings.


6.) The normal price of the PNW Kiwanis Business Directory will be the low, low price of $100.00 per year (from time of submission).  However, to get this directory up and running quickly, we are offering your first ninety days for FREE.


7.) You can’t get a better price than FREE so click here now to start building your Kiwanis Business Directory Listing.



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