Pacific Northwest District

Loren Lee, 2000-2001


From The Heart



Sylvester Neal, 2002-2003


Commitment Counts



Dick Mayer, 2004-2005


Planting For Growth



Lori Bryant, 2006-2007


Service With A Smile



Wendy Falkowski, 2008-2009


Kiwanis Next Is Now



Frank Morehouse, 2010-2011


Our Future Starts Today



Greg Holland, 2012-2013


Enjoy Your Service



Bob Munger, 2014-2015


Lead With Service



Ron Myers, 2016-2017


PNW Family Working Together

Gary McGlothlen, 2001-2002


Catch The Dream



Louise Regelin, 2003-2004


Regelin Team



Steve Emhoff, 2005-2006


Together We Care



Rich Jensen, 2007-2008


Challenge To Grow-Challenge To Serve



Patrick Ewing, 2009-2010


We Love To Serve



Claudell King, 201 1-2012


Celebrate Service



Pamela Smith, 2013-2014


On Team In Service



Jackie Sue McFarlin, 2015-2016


Highlight Your Service



Roger Bell, 2017-2018


Serve With Passion





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